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What is LipoLaser?

A: During the LipoLaser treatment the technician will be securing pads (about the size of a deck of cards) equipped with laser diodes directly onto the skin. This treatment is non surgical and non invasive.

The laser energy penetrates down to the fat cells and creates tiny holes in the cell membranes. This process causes the fat cells to release stored fatty acid, glycerol, and water into the body causing the fat cells to shrink, this can result in lost inches (following after care will result in best results). The fat gets flushed out of the body via the lymphatic systems or gets burned off as energy.This treatment helps to removes the body fat from under the skin.

An express lymphatic drainage treatment is complementary with each LipoLaser treatment to maximize each session and sipped up results.

Some benefits includes:

– No downtime, you can resume to normal life activities.

– No surgery

– Fat reduction

– Smoother skin appearance

– No pain

After Care:

– Avoid alcohol for a minimum 24 hours (72 hours for best results)

– stay hydrated, drink a minimum of 2 Litres of water

– Lower caffeine intake ( for each cup of coffee or tea drink a cup of water to stay hydrated)

How Long Is The Treatment?

Treatments are 45 mins sessions and are one week apart.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Every person has a different body type. Depending on your body type and goal a minimum 8-10 sessions are required  to loose 4-6 inches with a clean diet and regular exercise.