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Q : WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RF AND VACUUM THERAPY? A : Radio Frequency (RF) technology is a non- ablative facial and body treatment services that is used to stimulate the dermis of skin. This process stimulates the skin for the formation of new collagen and improving the skin elasticity by promoting new collagen and improving the skins elasticity the treated area with look smoother and tighter. RF is a treatment used to mostly treat the skin.   Vacuum Therapy on the other hand is used to stimulate the Lymphatic system and decreasing muscles tension. When the lymphatic system gets stimulated it increases the lymphatic flow to provide the benefits of detoxing, reducing water retention/bloating, improves the metabolism, removes skin exfoliation for smoother skin, lowers nervous system harm by flushing toxins, this allows hormones levels to be balanced and flow smoothly to a healthy level. If you like the sound of both at New Body Glam has a treatment called RF + Vacuum Therapy that will provide you with both benefits.