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Today, the main effect sought by the vacuum therapy butt lift is to reshape the buttocks into a desired shape, sculpting the area in the most desired way.

Needless to say, contemporary technique for vacuum therapy butt lifting treatment are much more advanced and effective, then the traditional cupping technique.

The treatment , also known as Colombian sculpting or Colombian massage, is performed using a machine connected to suction cups that suck on the skin and flesh to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system. This treatment helps to firm- up the buttocks muscles. This technique enhances natural fat elimination in the butt, reduce the appearance of cellulite and above all increase the volume of the buttocks all by stimulating healthy blood flow & draining the lymphatic system. The Built in EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) builds the muscles, each session is an equivalent to $1500-2200 squats depending on the intensity level.

This technique also works great for face sculpting facials, Breast Lifts, Sculpting of Arms and Abdomen.


– Raises , enlarges and Reaffirms the glutes and breasts without surgeries.

– Increases the skin flexibility

– Releases the venous and lymphatic flow

– Exfoliates the epidermis making skin softer

– Stimulates dermis and Hypodermis

– Decreases muscle tension

Like any other cosmetic treatment, results are not permanent. We recommend exceeding for a longer results.

Our procedure. Has no downtime, is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure and is proven to be safe and effective.


  • Lifts your buttocks by up to 70%
  • Instant results
  • No surgery, no pain and no downtime!
  • Enhanced body tome and shape
  •  No side effects
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Tightens & Tones Skin



Each session is 1 hour session and they are a week apart session.



Depending on how much lift and build a person needs on their body type and goal. Minimum 6-8 sessions are required.




Some Before and After